Monday, January 27, 2014

Plan hangout to Cameron Highland

In the name of Allah, the Most Beautiful the Most Gracious.

A few days ago, me and my friends are went to Cameron Highlands as promised after we back home from colleagues. We are just finished our examination a few weeks ago. Alhamdulillah everything is settled and but I am a little bit worried coz' the papers are quite hard to score A's. But still.. 

Okay. Forget it and let me tell how happiest me is. Hahahaha. We went at 9:15 am and were arrived in Cameron Highlands at 11:30 am and searching for the best place to eat. At last we decided to stop by in Kedai Mamak. Aiyoyoooo my friend told me that he wanted to eat at KFC but I refused coz' wanna something different to eat and just wanna to taste the food who made by peoples in Cameron Highland. Hahaha lol! There's no different foods in Perak and Pahang. Too similar or maybe I couldn't reach it. 

After we finished our dishes, we are going to the top hill in 'Gunung Brinchang'. I am totally exhausted and I dunno how to explain it but what I feels like to faint. It feels like we are going to 'roller coaster' hahahaha but still in a car. It took 30 minutes to reach the high top Brinchang Hill from tanah rata maybe? and we can seen the beautiful view with the cold winds. How beautiful the Creator creates.. SubhanAllah!

I really want to go to the Lavender Garden sooooo bad but too bad because my friend refuse to go there. Hmm it's okay but I still can go to the Tea Garden. I'm a satisfied enough. We spent time at Tea Cafe at first before we are going to Tea Garden because my friends told us that we need some energy to reach the top of Tea Garden. Hahahaha lol is there tea provided an energy? I'm confused.

Hahahahaha just because we did not do some warm up and stretching before to hike the Tea Garden, we had some trouble like 'hard to breathe' coz' my body type is...You know what! Hahaha I felt like to fall down and a charming prince came to save me. Haha dream on!!

Opss, I forgot. Actually before we arrived in Tea Garden, we just stop at some cafeteria that served many menus based on strawberry like banana split, waffles, ice cream, fried ice cream, tea strawberry and much more!

Last but not least, we were bought many souvenir from Cameron like t-shirts, strawberry chocolates, strawberry fresh, strawberry choki choki, strawberry bears and many more. Me iz happy!

Ok, thats all my entry for today. See ya!

p/s : Sorry for my trouble English. Hahahaha peace yaww if I have a time, I will correct it. Annyeong!

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