Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday 1st July!

In the name of Allah, the Most Kind the Most Grateful.

Yess Yess Yesssss. 1st July. Yesss. Mesti aku ingat. Mesti ke? Hahaha. Hari apa? Birthday siapa? Jeng Jeng Jeng! First dalam minda mesti la Lee Teuk sshi. My husband ok. Don't steal him from me. Erk. Krik krikkk! Verangan sangat kan.

Actually aku pon tak ingat esok adalah 1st july. Someone reminds me. She said tomorrow is birthday someone special for me. When I think, ooo ooooo. Tomorrow is 1st July huh? I almost forgot.

Eh ehhh! Sama birthday pulak dengan kawan aku sorang nie. Ehh, bukan someone special taww. Nanti orang lain salah tafsir pulak. Ini S.A.H.A.B.A.T. and always be sahabat forever dunya and hereafter. Insha Allah.

My wish....?

Semoga ceria selalu. Happy selalu. Awet muda selalu. Ketawa selalu. Dan semua nya lah sekali selalu ok. Semoga juga dimurahkan rezeki dan berjaya didunia dan akhirat. Insha Allah.

Perkara yang dah lepas tu jangan disimpan didalam hati. Okay? Sorry for the all mistaken a long time ago. Actually ada la sikit hati yang terguris. But, it's okay. Lama-kelamaan pasti akan sembuh. As God wills.

Tadaaa. Ini lah sahabat saya. Kbai.

Yesss. My husband always look very awesome, great and good looking. Plastic surgery? Do I care enough? Bla bla bla..

Oppa, be strong and stay healty! I'll always be your side. Be happy!

I know and I know, Suju's member didn't usually came to visit you at the military but I'll always come on your dream. Luls. Kekeke

Oppa. Please don't cry. We love you. :( 

This is the true story about our leader.


Akma Nafeera saying (credit to her) :
" 30 years ago (31st Korean year), an angel-without-wings came to the earth. His name is Park Jungsoo. His leadership attitude already showed since he still at school. This Park Jungsoo came to SM Entertainment for audition... and doommm! His been accepted! For years he train to be the best. One miracle day, SMEnt tell him that, "you going to debut soon!"... I know, we all know how he feel that day. He going to debut with 11 other younger members (Heechul 9 days younger than him). I know how nervous he felt, "can he taking care all of them?" but he success. 'Super Junior 05' (that time) successful debut. With a stage name: LEETEUK, our Park Jungsoo is success.

But sadly, 'Super Junior 05' is just a project group :'( SM Entertainment will randomly change the members every year. It sad. As a leader, I believe Leeteuk oppa is sad. But a miracle happen again, SMEnt adding Cho Kyuhyun to the group and throw away the '05'~~~ 'Super Junior' are finally an OFFICIAL GROUP (with 13 members)! Some members can't accept Kyuhyun oppa that time, but we all know, they felt relieve when they finally official.

military/army is like a curse word for us (SJ and ELF). Kangin went to army (already comeback), Heechul when to army (when cameback this August), Leeteuk when to army and just few months ago, Yesung when to army. It's sad sending one by one our SJ members leave... but the most hard to send, is uri leader (Leeteuk). He is the leader. Who will protect SJ now?

The younger members and ELFS send him with tears in their eyes. But we keep strong, because he will comeback...

"It is not the END, it's an AND", thank you for the meaningful words, Park Jungsoo. If not because of this words, I believe most ELF will not believe in perfect Super Junior anymore. If not because of this words, some ELF already leave SJ. But SJ leader 'hold' us together... only because of this words. Others may say this is JUST a words, but to us, this words is just too meaningful.

"I never know what the leadership is, that I know just how to keep Super Junior as one family!!" - Leeteuk. that's why Super Junior is different than other groups. They are not just a groups, they are family :')

Happy birthday Park Jungsoo, Super Junior leader~~~ Leeteuk. Please be safe at the army, in a few months, oppa will be back... back to be a better person, a better leader.


Last but not least, I love you oppa. Saranghae! Much love from me. :D


Be hugs, Be Kisses, Be love, Be smiles, Be family, Be laughter, Be friends, Be sleep and BE A GOOD MEMORIES. 

p/s : Most of the sources are from Mr. Google ! Thanks you Mr Google. You are HELP me A LOT! Saranghae! Hikhiks

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