Sunday, June 16, 2013


In the name of Allah, the Most Kind the Most Grateful.

Hello uolss. Today I'm feeling well. Yezza! Currently busying to settle up all the project assignment by group, test, and so on. Omg! I just realized that I'm not ready yet to continue my study(tapah hape tah). There's a lots of thing need to do because there are too many different between Diploma student and Degree student. THERE ARE MANYYYYYYY.. DIFFERENT! Almost. Thesis thesis and how you answer a question on the paper. We need to do more elaboration and examples in each question.

Yes, it is totally different because there are many many many project assignment. And you should to do by your own. Learn by yourself how to used that software. Do you thinks I am INTELLIGENT enough to do by my owns? Krik krikkkk!

Okay. Back on my topic, I want to show off all my post graduate convocation! Haaa. Gila nak menunujuk sangat! At first I told my lil' brother to sent the soft copy one of the pictures but the end he gave me this one. This is not the SOFT COPY lah adikkkk! Yes, it is also called soft copy but you snap a pictures the hard copy one. But, I said I want the pictures on that CD! Okay. Okay. I understand. Nevermind. Still looks cute on this pictures. Okay. Satisfied enough with this pictures. Bla bla bla bla. Kroih kroihhhhhh.


Me, myself and I with my brother and loved mummy!

Yeayyy! I'm cute enough in this photo. *berangan sangat*

All the pictures! Where is the candid one? I WANT TO SEEEEEEEE!:D

Aku baru perasan gambar solo aku tu tulis UiTM Sarawak, arghhhhh panas je hati aku!!!!!! Macam mana aku boleh tak perasan. Adoi!

Okay. I'm just feeling thirsty! Let's drink some healthy drinks. Sayonara! Welcome again next semester! Can't wait to finish the examination! Yeayyyyyyy!

The end.

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