Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Farewell, our last week day before final!

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful the Most Grateful.

Hello guys. Welcoming again. Here, I'm Afifah Miyata! Okay. Hope everyone's in the pinkest of health and under the bless of Allah! Insha Allah. What am I saying is about tomorrow is our last days before the final examination! Yeay! Actually can't wait for the semester break. Having a fasting with my family, yes of course with my lovely mom. Pity on her because she are just opening the breaks alone. I am really really miss every single moment with her. Her laugh is my happiness.

Guys, don't forget to struggle your final exam! Hope we are all in dean list. Insha Allah. Anything can HAPPEN. Pray to HIM and HE is always heard our hearts saying. Do the best be the best and everything for the best. Don't forget to PRAY PRAY AND PRAY! HE is a GOOD LISTENER!


Nothing can bet us rather than our owns effort.

Actually today is my second last presentation. Early morning, I'd a test on marketing. It's quite hard. Hmmmm'. Not that kind of really HARD but still can answers the question. Alhamdulillah. What I am study ups to 5 a.m. is WORTH. Furthermore, my fever is not recovered yet. Omg! I really hate it. REALLY okay.

Ermmm'. After finished on my test, I'd my third last presentation which is Database System. We need to develop the database and of course GUI using an Oracle. It is not that kind difficult to understand the software but maybe we're less explore and learn how to do it. My team workers didn't get one answer that have been asked by our lecturer.

It is really FRUSTRATED ok!


And then, at the evening we had the second last presentation which is about system too but it is used ALTOVA software in XML Programming. Our topic is about Cartoons. Yes, at first we want to do an Anime but we're not that familiar with Anime so we changed it into Cartoons so there are many Cartoons that we knows. Agree with me? Luls.

Ermmm'. I don't even know actually today is our last meeting with Sir Saiful because next semester, he will transferred at UiTM Penang. He is really cool, understanding, supporting and cheerful lecturer.

And one more words, he is really AWESOME lecturer. Indeed.

Then, one of our friends decide to buy a cake for his last day farewell with classmates. In others word, CELEBRATION! Yesssss. I love cake but it's toooooo much sweetttttyyy. Urgh. Too much chocolate maybe? But, I had smelt like the cake is combine with coffee flavor. Maybe? Luls

Okay, last but not least, GOOD LUCK guys for upcoming final examination. Wish you all the best and see you guys in next semester. Okay. I'll miss Mr. H too! Luls. Kekeke


Sweden uolsss. Kau hado? Nan hado kannnnn?!! Hahaha. Oberrr!

 Amanat terakhir daripada Sir. Oh, we'll be missing you SIR SAIFUL! :)

My classmate. Tengok la tu, 4 orang je kumbang kat kelas nie. Luls. Kekeke

My team workers! From left Noorica, Arisha and Adila. Thanks!

Goodbye readers. Sayonara. Hikhikss

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