Tuesday, August 7, 2012


n the name of Allah, the Most Kind the Most Grateful.

Gold or not, I'm proud to see national flag at Olimpic 2012! Proud of you! #ThankYouLeeChongWei

Terpaku diam aku melihat DLCW terduduk selepas gagal untuk memengani emas. Tak mengapa, DLCW dapat memenangi hati kami rakyat Malaysia. :) #ThankYouLeeChongWei

An incredible sea of fans welcoming our National heroes in KLIA 7.30 a.m., 7 August 2012, DLCW and don't forget to TAN dan KOO too! They're our hero too! #ThankYouLeeChongWei

They're friends. Stop bashing Lin Dan because he won a gold medal, Malaysian. I know, he deserves to get gold medal. It's a game, win or lose is normal. DLCW will redeemed back with the other games next time. Wait, you're need always supporting him! #ThankYouLeeChongWei

DLCW will get married with Wong Mei Chow. She's also badminton player. And will get married next year. All the best both of you. #ThankYouLeeChongWei

Tahniah! All arond the world talking bout you!#ThankYouLeeChongWei

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