Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SHiNee comeback stages!

SHiNee comback soon! sooner or later, i can't wait for their comeback stage! come on babe. i wait it for sooo long. this is pictures teaser of their comeback. sherlock? is it their new song's name? i guess. the last comeback is lucifer, then they came out with sherlock. is it a new generation? i don't know. (merapu jap) HAHAHAHA. is it concept too much? ommo~ i can't accept it since i consider they are very angelic man. so kayy, enjoy this pictures! kyaaaa~

Jonghyun Oppa

Key Oppa

Taemin Oppa

Onew Oppa

Minho Oppa


  1. hilang sudah image shinee yg suci murni. hate it. just like i hate teen top's mv, nuna dont spray perfume..

  2. yes, at first i'm kinda hate this images, but after i saw the comeback stage, they're looks pure and okay. not at all looks like the Sherlock MV. Taemin with his long hair. Ommo~ >.<