Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Such a big liar or not?

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Hello everyone. Yes. For the first, for sure I will says Hello Hello and Hello without feeling bored. Thats who I am. The happiest person in the world. Maybe. HAHAHA. Alright! Our topic is about such a big liar or not? Guess who he is. It is a boy. Confirmed! Hehehe. His name F*****. I dont know why I am sooooooo angry with him. Huh! He's a liar! But, perhaps its not. For the first I know and recognize him, I felt something weird with him. I dont know why. I think he is a liar. I meant its a fake. I think its not his pictures. Same like h***** and a*****. I think its the same person. I guess. Maybe. I'm not a talking.... Errrr.. I dont know how to say. But, lately he always updated his blogger. And his official facebook are already disappeared. I dont know why. But, in his blog also looks like he felt dipressed and frustrated. Its okay. Let him go. I just want be friend with who are really truly and sincerely. Thats all. I'm deal with people justly and fairly regardless race, color, national and so on. I like to be friend with others, meant oversea. Its make me know how they live move on. I'm not choose a friend based on self-interest or favouratism. Its could based on her/his friendly, kindly and so on. ;D Perhaps I have a lots of friends that know who I am and understand what I am like or dislike. I'm such a person who are have biggest affiliation. Thanks for the all friends who are still want be friend with me. I know I have a lots of weaknesses. But,this is who I am. Thanks for readers. Bye-bye. Tata-tata. Sayonara. I love you all. Muah! ;D

p/s : One more thing, why my blog songs is seems like want to cry or sad? Uwaaaaaaaa. Hukhuk. Thats what I felt now. ;D Sadness with happily. Erhhh?? ;DD

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