Monday, April 25, 2011

Cuti Semester Kian Bermula

Woooot~ Wooooooott~
Tak sabar giler rase nye nak cuti sem!

Remaining 4 5 days anymore!

Can't wait for this semester break.
Nak jolly sepuasnya dan shopping sepuasnye!
Sangat tak sabar okay.

Tetibe mood berubah setelah 'stalker' someone.

Okay. Nevermind.

Panjang cerita nye.

Perasaan sekarang dah bercampur baur.
Aku dah taknak peduli kan dye lagi !

Fifah, be strong please.

I know you can do it!

Fifah, why you felt so bad?

Its not your money.
So, keep it over your head.

And bak kata DBSK, put your head down.
Buat ape nak fikir sangat kan.
He's nothing for me.
Lalalalalalaa. HAHAHA.
Wish him happy ! :)
Its really soooooo okay.
Just be neutralize.
Eyy, tadi aku ade 'captures' photo with Aida ngan Fiza.
I will upload it later.

Wait for it yah! :D

Everyone, who's know who she is? Put up your hands pleaseeee! HAHAHA. Can you guess? Tetibe plak stalker orang nie. Tak pasal2 kan. Tengah membloging tadi, tersinggah plak kat wall nie. HUHUHU. Nie I copy and paste je. Bace lah! Bace lah! :D HEHEHE.

The conversation :

In case you didn’t already know (and this would obviously mean you’re a non-Belieber!), Justin has this little routine going on for every time he performs the famously sweet song, One Less Lonely Girl at all his concerts – a lucky gal will be picked randomly by Justin’s crew from the audience, and she gets to be serenaded by Justin Bieber himself, on stage! How great is that? We first saw it on Justin’s movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and we’ve been loving the routine ever since! It’s undeniably every Belieber’s dream – to be Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl. And guess what? Najihah Aziz is that girl who’s living the dream – she’s Malaysia’s very own One Less Lonely Girl! We’re so excited to be sharing with you our interview with the really sweet Najihah, check it out:

DYou: Hello Najihah! Tell us a little bit about yourself – we would love to get to know our very own OLLG (One Less Lonely Girl), we’re so proud of you!
Najihah: Hello! Thank you so much! My name is Najihah and I’m 18. And oh, I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!

Before we get to the most exciting part of the story, tell us, how big of a fan/Belieber are you?
Before the concert, well, I’d rate myself as a 6 (out of 10). I wasn’t one of those who Tweets about Bieber all day long. But ever since that fateful night, I’m proud to tell the whole world that I am one of those crazy die-hard fans of JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!!!

Sounds like Justin must have been really charming on stage the other night! Before this though, did you know anything about the OLLG routine in all of Justin’s concerts? Have you watched Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, the movie?
I still haven’t gotten the chance to watch his movie!!! So I guess I knew about it from Twitter and friends.

So have you DREAMED of being Malaysia’s first ever OLLG ever since you knew about it?
Dreamed? OF COURSE! Who wouldn’t? A few days before the concert, I kept telling my friends how much I wanted to meet Selena and Justin in person and the only way is to be the OLLG. I kept telling them that,”I think I’ll be the One Less Lonely Girl… ” jokingly, of course. And when I REALLY did become Malaysia’s OLLG, I think that is the best gift I could ever ask for and I thank God for that.

Speaking of Selena Gomez, are you a fan of hers, too? How do you feel about JELENA (Justin + Selena)?
Yes, Selena Gomez is my FAVOURITE HOLLYWOOD STAR! My family loves her, I LOVE her. And I support JELENA all the way and all other Beliebers should too!!

So sweet of you! Now let’s move on to the juiciest part of the story already. Tell us – how did it all happen? We heard Kenny Hamilton (Justin’s bodyguard) picked you, is that right? We want to know everything! :D
I still can’t believe my eyes every time I look at my pictures and videos on stage. It happened so fast, I thought I was hallucinating. And yes, what you heard is true! My friend and I were standing on the chairs singing-along to Justin’s U-Smile when a guy approached us. I didn’t recognize who he was at first as I thought he was just one of the guards on duty that night. So I just looked at him. Then I heard him saying something like,”Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl?” and I was like,”uhhhhhhhhh yesssss?!!” Then he repeated the question, “Do you wanna be the One Less Lonely Girl for tonight?” Without hesitating, I said,”YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” “Alright, take out your passes and purse, give it to your friend”. Next thing I knew, I was taken to backstage! Along the way, I was thinking “is this a joke? Am I being kidnapped? Why on earth am I following a stranger who offers me to be Justin’s OLLG out of the blue?!” But then no, it was for real! I waited inside with the dancers, whom I must say were all VERY friendly – they are all such nice people! The photographer even asked me to make a shout-out for Justin Bieber! When Justin started singing One Less Lonely Girl, Kenny took me to the backstage and I met Selena Gomez! She was so pretty! I think it’s very sweet of her to wait for her boyfriend like that. She was standing at backstage the whole time!

Oh my, you’re so lucky! You gotta tell us how it felt like being serenaded by Justin on stage? How good-looking was he up-close?
HE IS WAY BEYOND GORGEOUS, GOOD-LOOKING, CUTE, CHARMING etc. I feel so blessed to be given the chance to look into his eyes, THAT CLOSE!

Who else and what did you see backstage? Were there any rules and regulations that you had to adhere on stage?
All Kenny told me was “one of the dancers will take you onto the stage. Just sit on the chair and look him into his eyes because he’ll be singing this song for you”!!! That explains why I didn’t jump around and hug him. I respect their regulations and I’m happy enough that I get to be on stage with him. At least I know he knows I EXIST!!!!

So from the scale of 1 – 10, 10 being super flattered/over the moon/happy beyond words – how would you rate the awesomeness it is to be the lucky OLLG?
I’d say 10 is underrated. I wouldn’t rate my feelings right now with a 10. It’s indescribable!! I cannot find any words to describe how AMAZING it feels like. JUSTIN BIEBER aaaaahhhh!! Even the sight of his name makes me go crazy now.

We’re so happy for you! How is everyone else feeling about this? Are there any jealous friends (oh no!)?
THANK YOU, that is very sweet! I’m lucky to have a handful of friends that are happy for me. And yes, of course there are jealous ones. I don’t blame them though.

Are you still keeping the bouquet of roses?
OH HECK YES! I wish they aren’t real flowers so that they won’t die and will remain that way from the 21st of April until the end of my life :(

Any message to all the envious girls out there?

Thank you so much again for talking to us, Najihah! And congratulations again! :)
Thank you, DYou! And I hope this answers everyone's questions! :D

For those who have not seen the video, it's HERE!

So here you go, girls! Aren’t you just dying to be Najihah now? ;)

Images courtesy of the OLLG herself, Najihah Aziz and Linora Low.

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