Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bootilicious Days!

Hey everyone. I'm came back. Hallu yah! HEHE. Alright! Our topic today is all about bootilicious day. Alright! What means by bootilicious? Anyone knows? I got this words from my friends. She told me, happy bootilicious. Its mean very a great day. Yeah! Why I says like that? Its may be a some reason. Isn't? Actually, today is 68th birthday of my late father. My late father almost passed away in 8 months ago. I'm really miss him and felt really want hug him just a once. If I could. I wish all of you can sedekah Alfatihah for my late father. Wish his not too 'seksa' di alam kubur. Awwwww. I'm so scared. Everyone will die. Include me in one days. Sooner or later. I can't imagine it. But, I don't want be a person who die in HARI KIAMAT. I wish I could die before that. Its really looks like thriller. Maybe. Ape nie cakap pasal mati mati plak ye! HUHU. OMG! God, please save me. I know I'm doing bad everyday. I can't avoid it. But, I will try to be more perfectful. Perhaps. Alright! Thats all for today. Hamsahamnida! :DD Aja hwaiting! Chaiyok! Chaiyok! HEHEHE.

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