Monday, March 14, 2011


In the name of Allah, the Most Graciuos, the Most Beneficial

Hello everyone. I need to share so many things with you all. I have a
lots of things that happen to me in 2 3 days ago. In last friday, 10th
March, I went to the KL with Syuhaida. That is because I really want to
meet Athifah, my old rumates since I'm in Part1. I really miss her.
Actually, before I going to the KL, I have a test1 in Programming at
the morning Monday but my ticket is about 10 30 am in Monday's morning.
So, I decide to back in Monday's morning. Then, I do a lots of accuse
with my lecturer. I know I do a bad things. Or people's said is so much,
isn't? I don't know what I should do more. I terpaksa. I'm really so
sorry about that. Actually I memang buat kenduri arwah pon. I don't
know how to story. That's too long to story and share with you all.

This is what I bought. Shoes, shirt, bags, goodies and food. :D

Nie time promotion DIGI. First time tengok cam anak patung lah! Rupe nye manusia! HAHA.
Klakar kan? :DD

Alright. For the second time I'm arrived in KL Central. Yeah! My feeling?
Oh, for sure excited plus scared. Why Scared? Tettttttt! That's a lots
of people at there. I'm arrived in KL Central at about 5pm and the times
people back home from their office. Oh! I felt I can't breathe. Help!
Help! HEHE. Then, I terus je balik umah Aida. At night, I'm just read
OS notes. Ye la. Isnin nak test kan. Baca lah! But, just in a hours or
two maybe. Iyey la. I'm so tired okay. I balik tu naik train. Naik ETS
you know. Best what. HUHU. Then, in the morning Saturday tu I hang out
with Syue all the days at Times Square. Wahhhh! Very fascinating. I
don't la know much I really adore it. Tapi, tersangatlah letih la kan
shopping at the whole days. Turun naik turun naik tangga berjalan plus
lif dari tingkat 1 sampai 7. OMG! Its almost 10 times okay up and down.
HAHA. Thanks to Syuhaida agian. One more, I dah tengok Hikayat Merong
Mahawangsa taw! :DDD

Nie kat umah cousin Syu. Kira umah uncle dye la. Ada bacaan tahlil.

Yummy! Yummy! Jum kita makan! :DD HEHE.


Ok. And the 3rd days or we can says in Sunday. Weekend la. Halamak!
Susah sangat ye! Hakhak. Actually I need to meet Athifah for this day.
Sunday. For the long time I wait for it. But, all the things is.....
HANCUR! MUSNAH! I can't meet her that day. But, saya tak salahkan Aida.
Its okay. Really disappointed la. Menangis.. Menangis.. Dan menangis..
Thats it what I can do.. Its okay. Maybe takde rezeki nak jumpe la tu
kan. Alright! I will wait for this sem break. I hope so I can meet
Muse and Athifah. Okay. Hari Ahad tu aku pegi kenduri arwah. Baca yasiin
dan semua nya berjalan dengan lancar. At the evenin', I went to TESCO
Segambut. Waaaaaaaaaaa! Sangat besar lah! Agak jakun sikit la, maybe.
HAHAHA. Yeah! Biasa la. Aku hanya gadis kampung kan. Admit it. Malam tu
study OS la. Cam biasa. Sampai 12pm, maybe.

This is me! :DD

Andddddddd the last days. Monday. I'm so worried because so many things
that I'm not finished read my notes of OS. This because at the night, I
have test1. And aku rasa cam nak ponteng kelas Management. Sangat teruk
kan. HAHA. Nasib la aku tak ponteng. Ada quiz kot tadi. Setiba nya aku
si UiTM, aku dah rasa tak sedap badan. Aku rasa nak tido je. Aku muntah.
Muntah ape? Muntah apa yang aku makan tengah hari tu. Euuuuwwwww. HAHA.
Itu lah hakikat. Selsema. Panas badan. Errggghhh! Maybe nie memang bala
yang aku patut hadapi kot. Nevermind. ;'( Wish and pray for me that I'm
getting well ya. Hamsahamnida! Aja hwaiting! :D

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