Sunday, February 20, 2011

News Have Been Released.

In the name of Allah, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful

Hello everyone. Errr. Always be alone at night and for sure I'll be overstressed or damn damn bored to be alone. Ahhh! Its okay. Nevermind. I got a high privacy to be alone and I can do a lots of things just be myself. Hahahaha! What I am saying huh? Haha. Its ok. It just advertise. What I am talking about here, it is about anwarhadi,matlutfi, and nik irfan. Have you heard about them before this? I'm not! This is my first time I saw them on youtube. And you know what is my expectation about them? For sure I am very very interested about them. They're sooooo handsome boy. Handsome la kan. Ada rupa tu kira handsome la. But, I'm so such a big fan of them. Just be normal person. Yeah! Normal la. Takkan subnormal or what so ever la. And you all also can find them on youtube and facebook and twitter also. Just typing their names and you can found it. Ok. I'm stops here.

In another topics. In this week and seterusnya, I have a lots of test. OMG! And, right now I'm one of busiest studying MGT162. What is it? That is Management. Who take this course? It looks like quiet easy but a lots of memorize things. And susah la nak hafal hafal nie. Hafal ayat Al Quran its better than hafal in English languages. Am I right? Hehe! Omg! Tired already. What I am hate is I baru je baca buku MGT dalam sejam, then I tertidur. Errr. What should I do? Baca tido baca tido. OH! I'm tired. Oversleep. ;( Hari nie saya banyak luangkan masa dengan tido. Last night, I slept at about 2am then I woke up at 12 24pm. What? This is what we called oversleep. Then, I'm studying after praying Zohor. And I sleep at 3 30 pm until 6pm. What is a craziet person huh? Yeah! This is me. Hehehehehe! Damn tired and I think I can't get sleep this night. >.<> You can visit it if you got a free time, okay darling? See ya again. :DDD

p/s : Hello! Hehehe! Testing testing! :DD As usual, I'm not good in English, so be quiet when read my entry. Heheh! Hamsamida! Gambatte!

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