Friday, February 25, 2011


In the name of Allah, the Most Kind the Most Grateful.

Hello everybody. Have great day yah for today. A very peaceful morning with birds chirping happily at UiTM. Ade ke? :D HEHE. Alright! I'm here, nothing to say. Just wanna show you some of pictures that already been taken last day. The location? Of course just around UiTM je. Don't have budget to get photoshoot in somewhere yang more interesting la. UiTM pon cantik dah pemandangan dia. Don't believe it? Lets me upload for a while ya. Loading ----------->

Tadaaaa. See? :DD Syu nak buat ala2 gumiho la tuh. Ceh. >.<

Gambar nie menarik. Suka jugak gambar nie. :DDDD

Gambar nie pon nampak menarik jugak kan? Suka suka suka. HEHE. Fiza nampak comel. Syu ngan farz tengah pk masa depan or pk degree nak amek ape kottt?? HUHU. Saya? Hah, sedia maklum tu la. Hakhak. :DD Terserlah kasut sy kan? Wuwuwuwu.

Suka gambar nie jugak. Farz yang tangkap. Thats why la takde muka dye kan. HUHUHU. Sian dye. Thanks farz. :DD

p/s : Gambar nie actually kitaorang baru abes test web application. HAHA. Quite easy la jugak. But, as usual la banyak careless. Oh, shit! Fifah always like that la. HUHUHU. Nevermind. Credit to Fiza yang editkan photo nie ngan camera dlsr dia. Domo domo domo domo domo domo domo domo domo hamsamida! HEHE. Saranghae!

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