Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miyata Stayed Out All Night

In the name of Allah, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful

On my upcoming birthday, I wish that you are saying to me " SARANGHAE ",
and make me fool at that time and keep on smileeeeeeeeeeee. :DD
I will wait for it darling! :)
Many things that I had a lot to says but I'm dying. HAHAHA.
How come?? I'm fool by myself.
Is it so hard by falling in love with someone who didn't love us?
I'm trying my best by doing the best.
I know I'm not a good one.
I'm not pretty. Yes. I know that from the beginning.
I accept it and I'm also trying to be more prettier than before.
Just wait for it! Kyaaaaaa~ HAHA.
I need some surgery for make me felt better.
I do surgery in twice at 1 years ago.
Surgery what? Don't be misunderstanding bout this suregery. :DD
Okay. Okay. Its all reminds me about something that I felt very very weird. HAHHAH.
What I'm talking about huh? It looks like nonsense or tapah hape tah. HAHAHA.
Yeah! I'm always be who I am.
I don't know why I can't get happiness in my real life time.I want hangbokhandae!!!
I just only get my own fantasy and destiny for make me cheers and looks gorgeous.
Gergeous? Maybe. Tetibe je kan. HAHA.
Okay. Okay. In this year, I hope that more shining on my days.
No more cry and no more man. Huh? Oh, no! No! It can't be. HEHE.
I will wait for it and be moreeeeeeeee patient.
Thanks for make me more strong yah darling!
Everyone happy with their couple. But, not me.
I alone and just waiting, waiting and waiting for waiting the answer. Answer what? HAHA.
Just only me knows. Nevermind.
I will wait 4 years more until you're graduated.
Are you promise wanna being couple with me after graduated, isn't?
But, I don't know what will happen before the days were come out.
Is that I'm still waiting for you? Huh!
I'm just a little bit worried if you're fallen with the others.
What should I do? Otekajo?
I'm tired of waiting.
To be continued......

p/s : I'm not good in English, so please be quiet when read this. I'm still learn by writing something in English everyday and need more new vocabulary. HEHE. I'm speak in Malaysian English, but not American English! Khamsahamnida! :D Fighting!

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