Sunday, January 23, 2011

Assignment Oh Assignment

Oh my Goodness. I have a lot of assignment right now. Our class have been started 2 weeks ago but I have a lots of assignment like our class are already in 1 months. WHFruit hah? I'm not like fruits damn much but I much prefer candies! HAHA. How it can be? Bogoshippo??? Omma, help me laaaaa. I felt like I'm going crazy!

Ok, first at all, I already submit my first assignment of programming last weeks. And, now I have 2 assignment more and need to submit before celebrating the Chinese New Year, and 5 more days left. Oh, I need to find a game from coding C++. What type of game huh I need to make my third assignment? I think snake game. I have no idea.

Okay. And now I'm busy by doing a web application assignment. I need to publish my own website. Is it looks I'm very gorgeous right? I have my own website in future. HAHA. But, miss says that the website will be corrupt after a years. Its just only a trial version. HAHA. Its okay. So, my website is just only about my life is going on. Maybe it seems like blogspot? It better to care off blogspot rather than create my own website. This is because all the html coding is already had. Do I need just copy paste? Oh, no! no! It can't be. HAHA. Ok. I will learn html coding in Overall, I already finished done my web. It almost 50%, maybe. HAHA.

Alright. In this semester, I have 6 course. First, probability and statistics 1, and the second is principles of management, third one is web application, and the forth is programming. The others is operating system and database system. I thought operating system is quiet difficult or maybe hard. But, I will try it. InsyaAllah. Allah is always behind us.

In this semester, I need to change myself for like and love all the subject. In last semester, I can choose whether I like or dislike the subject. And always dismiss class. Its all up to me, isn't? And this is what I get. I'm the repeater student just only I'm very very dislike that subject. That subject really make me foolish by myself and overstressed with it. I know from beginning. I dislike this program. I like in calculation program. This is because I dislike to memorize or etc. I just like to calculate. But, what I should do? I can't do anything. I don't know how to change the program. If I know, I do it since I'm in part1 already. But, now I'm in part4. Its already 2years gone like nothing. In the end, in my soul and my hopes, I wish I can continue till I'm graduate. This is only I failed one subject, and everyone looks me like I'm very weird. I'm very dislike this situation. From now on, I will try to happy and enjoy in this subject. And this all very a precious things for me. Just all. Hopefully.

To be continued....

p/s : HAHA. My English broken lagi. I saw a lots of grammar error. Lolx. Mianne. I'm just wrote what I'm think right now. If I got a free time, I will make it more better. Lol. HAHA. Sayonara~

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