Friday, August 27, 2010

my stuff

hye you all.. fisrt of all,i'm so sorry for late update blog.. i'm quite busy.. ahaa ! :) actually,i'm so bored in this sem break.. nothing to do.. just eat eat eat as I can.. hahahah.. and the most thing I like to do is sleep.. :DDDDD i pon xtaw nak describe ape.. so,i nak promote sikit my collection.. ade banyak juga collection saia.. tapi ta sempat nak snap semuanya.. collection i biase saja.. i bukan anak orang kaya.. seperti you all semua.. as I say,I'm not rich i'm not hot i'm not pretty but im not stupid that people can fooled me as they like ! okay ! huhuhuh.. so,nie la collection for make up i.. you all agak agak bape sen semua nya ya ? ta mahal la.. ada la lebeh kurang 4 5 sen kot ! hehehe.. :)

p/s : updating from my old blog - >.<

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