Monday, August 23, 2010

LoneLiness di AIDILFITRI

This year is the first time I celebrate the upcoming AIDILFITRI without my father and grandmother .. I hope I can be overcome with perseverance and determination .. I am a strong enough .. yes! I know I can do it alone .. but, my mother is the most aggrieved .. the most people she loved.. I am very impressed with my mother a strong and determined .. I remembered the time my father and my grandmother is still alive .. she had to divide the time for father and grandmother .. both of them often sulk .. if not back the village, the grandmother insisting .. if do not want to go home, my father insisting mom sure that she is very depressed .. One day, my mom have very high blood pressure .. pity on her .. God is enough for her to test a variety of obstacles .. I have a lot of time when I am a young with grandmother, I care .. I lived there until my ages 17 years old.. I Think Laaa .. But, I started to move a new house within 15 years .. That my life is very difficult due to the alternating mother to the village .. Once ago, our family lives in kampung because there is no accompany grandmother in village .. my fathers alone .. he don’t want came back kampong.. after that, I moved somewhere where near the school .. therefore, I started close with the father because my father everyday sent and take me when school time .. lunch together .. that because my mother working .. back till evening .. If I have a time, we only cook rice .. Just bought lauk pauk at restaurant.. that restaurant front in our house .. then, love is right .. father is not like eating at that restaurant, so we packed je la .. hehehehe .. really care even sometimes angry also with him.. surprising right .. Well, Formations must be family problems .. sure all people have family problems right .. I have rarely returned to the village .. mother ordered to leave the village for a while, grandmother always care me ,I still remember.. 2 3 month before she died, I ask her money because I lost my phone .. oh gosh! My grandmother said don’t return the money back because her age is not longer anymore .. I even feel uncomfortable .. but, then I do not think sangat Laaaa .. a month before she died, I was a guard her but mostly my younger brother .. ye lah! I still study state at funeral UiTM nie .. Where there is no time I care for .. that time, my grandmother,my grandmother fall down in bathroom.. so, it must be consulted .. her children to gather public and alternate-care queue grandmother .. Alhamdulillah! ;) Father, grandmother, ILOVEYOU! <3>

p/s : broken gila kan english aku.. ngeh3! :D

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