Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happiest 19th Bootilicious!

*mimi and hanis at uptown..

So, today is Hanis's 19th. He he. Pardon us for the late update. We were busy doing the assignment which now has shown quite a satisfying progress. Cehhh. But yes la. True what. Hehehe. We wished Hanis her birthday too, absolutely today. May all her dreams and hopes COME TRUE,okay ! :D:D:D:D
Well, actually a lot had happened yesterday. That made us went very fascinated. I will tell it later~!

The weather today is, serenely nice. It is rare so you see. Because Thursdays have always been, brightly sunny!

Sekian, I gotta go classes. Today is a girl's day out with Tieyfa, my bestie and Mimi maybe. InsyaAllah !

"And when what's left are the promises to keep,
So Happy 19th now, dear girlfriend."

with love ,

fieyfa xD


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